Felted Soap for Easter

Felted soap is beautiful and practical, and we think it makes a great Easter gift!  Our felted soaps are made with the same high quality, cold-process, small-batch soaps as our other handmade soaps.  They soap is wrapped in sheep’s wool which is gradually shrunken around it, creating the dense felt that acts a built-in scrubber.  As you use your felted soap, the soap lathers up through the wool, and the wool shrinks along with the soap, leaving you with a wool pad at the end that you can use to clean your face or buff your shoes, among other things.  Wool is naturally antimicrobial so it resists mildew.  As with all our handmade soap, we recommend that you allow your felted soap to drain between uses.  Our juniper soap dish is great for the job!


About tangozuluimports

***This blog has been retired as of 1/1/2013. We invite you to follow us at http://tangozuluimports.blogspot.com.*** This blog is about the products and business practices of Tango Zulu Imports, a small fair trade company in historic Port Gamble, Washington. We carry an array of artisan products from developing countries, with a specialty in African baskets.
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